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Cloudbase Technology

Cloudbase Technology

Lens Technology

Cloudbase sunglasses feature Carl Zeiss lenses chosen specifically for pilots. These lenses are designed to provide high contrast, outstanding optical clarity, and excellent UV protection.

The benefits are immediately obvious: the world appears sharper, clouds appear crisper, and depth perception is enhanced. Pilots will appreciate the ability to see traffic earlier, the ability to see better through haze, and the outstanding depth perception. Drivers will appreciate the ability to read the road surface better, and the lenses’ eye-relaxing glare reduction properties. Skiers will appreciate the lenses’ ability to enhance flat-lighting vision, and reduce glare off snow. Our lenses feature the latest technology to provide extremely high contrast, while preventing color distortion.

Cloudbase sunglasses lenses are constructed of CR39, which is unique in providing optical clarity, extreme light weight, and natural UV protection. In compliance with FAA recommendations, our lenses are non-polarized, preventing LCD black-out, and enabling pilots to spot the sun glint off distant traffic. All lenses are approved for driving, and feature full UV protection.

Frame Technology

Cloudbase frames are designed to be extremely lightweight, and feature thin flexible temples to comfortably fit within headset ear seals.

Our resin frames are constructed of TR90, a futuristic lightweight, flexible, and strong resin which is able to float on seawater, and conform to your face.

All frames are constructed in Italy.

 We stand behind our product; all Cloudbase sunglasses feature a lifetime warranty against defects in manufacturing or materials. We also offer a repair service on accidentally damaged Cloudbase sunglasses.  If you damage your Cloudbase sunglasses please contact us for a repair.