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Cloudbase sunglasses are high-quality lightweight sunglasses which feature high-contrast lenses designed especially for pilots, high-performance drivers, or anybody that depends on sharp accurate vision. Our lenses combine the latest in contrast=enhancing technology from vision specialist Carl Ziess, with stylish and ultralight frames. Our lenses will enable pilots to spot traffic earlier, and better detect the shape of terrain, and spot weather patterns. The lenses are optimized for glider pilots that depend on being able to see other aircraft as well as nascent thermal clouds forming, while in a bright intense lighting environment.  Pilots of all types will benefit from the lens technology in Cloudbase sunglasses.

Cloudbase sunglasses frames are constructed of light-weight flexible TR90. All frames feature very narrow temples to as to not interfere with the seal on headsets and helmets.

Both the lenses and frames are constructed in Italy.

Couldbase is a Seattle-based company, formed by a helicopter CFI and passionate glider pilot.

We stand behind our product; all Cloudbase sunglasses feature a lifetime warranty against defects in manufacturing or materials. We also offer a repair service on accidentally damaged Cloudbase sunglasses.  If you damage your Cloudbase sunglasses please contact us for a repair.